Our Shop

The N.A. Logan shop contains a state of the art facility with an indoor, climate-controlled environment. Our layout consists of an 11,000 square foot blast room and a 6,000 square foot paint room, which grants us the ability to manage numerous tasks simultaneously, while maintaining optimal production rates. We have onsite equipment that can load and unload  up to a 15-ton capacity in order to accommodate various spool sizes and quantities.


How we work

The advancement in paint systems, cure time, and optimal temperature requirements, means the application of coatings requires more precision than ever before.  Only at our shop can we guarantee these factors can be controlled with certainty. N.A. Logan has quality control procedures to ensure we are consistently VOC compliant, while following standard protocol for hazardous waste removal. Not only do our clients benefit from longer service life, lower costs, and considerably minimized risk in coating failures, but we strive to stay on time and within budget for each and every project.

With the ability to blast and paint, we can manage multiple projects simultaneously, while maintaining optimal production rates. Through our shop work, we have the ability to serve our customers year round.